• Plans are only good intention unless they immediately degenerate into hard work. ~ Peter F. Drucker
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the kitchen…before

Back and forth, back and forth like a tennis ball at Wimbledon. Let’s put the wall here, no, let’s not because it blocks the view. Let’s put the stove on this side and the fridge on the other. No, that won’t fit. Let’s put a window in here and french doors here. No, that will take up too much space.

So after Jeff and I devised 50 or so different plans, we decided we better call in a professional. On a referral from our realtor’s contractor and also our great new neighbors Bar & Sherrie, we called Teerlink Cabinet. After meeting with one of their designers, we decided to try another, Bill Cordray. He designed Bar & Sherrie’s kitchen and from that design won a national competition through Wolf appliances. We like him because he has a grip on modern and clean design. Below are shots of the shell of the kitchen, how it looked when we bought the house. We’ve since removed the ceilings as well and are installing plenty of can lighting.


The kitchen is pretty much a galley kitchen so space it at a premium so we can include a dining area. We’re moving that area from the back of the house to the front to maximize the space. We also have the great wrap around fireplace to contend with.

kitchen looking toward the back of the house

Unfortunately, the new design didn’t work with the Viking appliances we bought on a close-out sale at Orson Gygi. We got great deals on them, but now we have them for sale and are buying other appliances that fit into the design from our friends at Mountainland Design.



This area will be the new dining area, moving it from the back of the kitchen area to the front. Jeff wanted to remove the lower window, but that one of my favorite windows of the house! So, it is staying.


We’ll also be moving the front door from it’s original and very unfortunate spot of right in the middle of the room to the left side of the photo above. We’re removing the windows on the pink wall and installing a single light metal door with 2 side lights. More contemporary, more light, and it will create an entry area instead of walking right into the stairway.



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