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R.I.P. Hammy Sanchez Sagar the Gagsta Hamster

I had planned on blogging about our newest family addition but not to announce his departure so soon.


We acquired Hammy Sanchez about 2 months ago from Nate who is going to school to be a vet tech. Hammy was brought into the vet hospital with an upper respiratory infection, they got him better, but his family didn’t want him anymore so after a time of not finding a new home he was going to become snake dinner. We couldn’t let that happen so he came to live with us.

After 2 other cages that he loved gnawing on, we got him a new one that was all plastic, Jetson-like and so cool! The OVO Habitrail


I highly recommend it to anyone that needs and easy to clean hamster abode. Hopefully we’ll have another one filling it space soon!


Very cute, but not very sweet at first, we got him to allow us to hold him and he quit biting in fear and LOVED his ball to roll around in every night, he would run and nearly jump into it. Gigi was his biggest fan, following him everywhere in hopes his hamster ball would pop open and she would have the fortune to have him for a snack.

Friday night he didn’t rally as he usually does about 7 p.m. to bounce into his ball and roll around the house. He was cuddled in his sleeping cage which was highly unusual. I picked him up and he was still moving, but cold and out of it and bit me twice. I nestled him in my shirt next to my heart, trying to get him warm and hoping he’d come out of it. He was at the brink and shortly later passed away.

Funeral services will be held a the new house in his custom made casket where he comfortably laid in his cage bedding with a few pretzels to get him to the other side without hunger pains. Ali decorated it and we sprinkled fairy dust on him so he will become a fairy for Ali. Internment will be in the backyard of the new house. Time and date to be announced depending on snow depth.

We miss you already Hammy Sanchez Sagar, the original gangsta hamsta.  XOXO


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