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Ali’s penny round bathroom remodel

This bath is not only Ali’s bath, but also the main bath of the house. We wanted it to be fun but not kiddie, and still go with the rest of the house’s feel and color scheme.

While researching tiles, we fell in love with the penny round tiles from Ann Sacks. The ocean blue that I mentioned here came in as our fav, and when we paired it with a round Duravit vessel sink, we echoed some fun shapes. We took it (along with the rest of the house) down to studs and put in new plumbing, tile, flooring etc. We purchased all of our plumbing and fixtures from Mountainland Design, working with Stephanie, who was great.

top left: One of the only rooms in the house that wasn’t torn out. Hmmm. They really should have. So we did.

top right: We thought about keeping the tub, but it was only about 13″ in height, and after trying to soak in our lame short tub at our rental house, I said no way.

bottom left: We needed the Tub for Two. So, we chose the same tub as our old house, just a 5′ version.

bottom right: Close-up of Ann Sacks tile, in process of grouting.

The final result is shown above. We had walnut floating cabinets built to match the rest of the cabinets in the kitchen and the other bathrooms. Keeping consistency. The floor is stained concrete and runs throughout the top floor of the house, minus the bedrooms.

Ali\'s bath remodel

top left: Duravit vessel sink on walnut floating shelf.

top right: we created a shelf in the tiled wall to keep shampoo and soap off the sides of the tub. Who needs a tiny soap dish anyway when there are so many yummy products out there. Yes, she’ll be a bathing diva for sure.

bottom left: Jeff wanted to make the tub accessible for two people to share (not sure who Ali is going to be sharing with!!) so he installed the tub filler on the opposite wall. He thought it would look interesting. Although I was skeptical at first, he’s won me over.

bottom right: the vintage mirror was Jeff’s grandmother’s and one of the only things he got when she and his grandfather passed away. We treasure it and love it in the bath to loosen the “midcentury” feel.

Our hardware is Hansgrohe in a brushed nickel. We had the chrome Grohe in our LA house, and it was quick to show water deposits and we were constantly shining. This is much easier to maintain and not as typical.

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  1. I found your blog through grassroots modern’s website. we are remodeling our house in San Francisco so reading about your remodel is perfect timing. Nice bathroom. We are thinking about doing concrete in two of the bathrooms. Is it easy to maintain?

  2. hey i love what you are doing with your house! i think your blog is great … my wife & i are moving to SLC in 5 weeks & can’t wait to find a place to live & get to know the city

    i run a site also … Save and Conserve … check it out at http://www.saveandconserve.com

  3. OOOOHHHHH, I am so salivating over your bathroom…it’s amazing! You guys have done such a wonderful job! I love coming to your blog…you give me so much inspiration for my little house …you guys have amazing taste!!! I want those tiles in one of my two bathrooms we need to remodel! Just had to comment….love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Hey Maryann, yes we LOVE the concrete: easy to clean and any mishaps are easy to hide. We did a total concrete bathroom in our last house, shower walls, floor and the tub return. It was great too, but it wasn’t polished concrete. This is a little easier prettier, but both are easy to maintain. Just remember, all concrete cracks but that is character and flavor!

  5. Thanks for the feedback. Look forward to seeing pics of your master bathroom. Where did you buy the handles/pulls for your bathroom cabinet?

  6. Love the new bathroom.. We’re seriously thinking about putting in a cobalt blue penny round backsplash in our kitchen. It looks like you aren’t really using any border tiles? I like the look of that but people keep telling me I need to have some sort of border where the tile ends on either side. Any recommendations? Most of the backsplash will be butted up against countertops, windows, and cabinets, but the sides will be open in a few places.

  7. Hey Jeremy, thanks for the kind words. We did use a white 1/4″ finish trim where the tile meets the wall. But where the tiles butt the tub, we just finished it with the grout and it looks nice. But, I would recommend that anywhere it is a hard edge you may want to use trim.

  8. Hello, I am creating a web site entitled “Room by Room” for a class final project. I love your pictures and was wondering if I could use one temporarily (with full credit & links to your web page). I will take down the site on September 11th after the final has been graded.

    Thank you!!

    mep65 AT drexel DOT edu

  9. We’d love to do Ann Sacks penny rounds in our bathroom, but here’s my hesitation: With all that grout, are they hard to keep clean? Do they require a lot of maintenance? In other words, would they be a good choice for people who really just don’t love to scrub tile?

    Many thanks!

    • Hi, the upkeep really isn’t that bad. And we LOVE the look of the penny rounds, get tons of great comments. Our master bath has the penny rounds on the floor and yes the grout does get a tad dirty, but overall has been really easy to keep up. I will post photos of that one. I need to get back on the BLOG and get posting since the house is pretty much done! I’ll find out what kind of grout we used and reply. Thanks

  10. Hi Elizabeth, Jeff said that it is unsanded grout. We chose a lighter color in this bathroom because it is only on the walls. In the master bath where the tiles are on the floor, we chose a darker gray to help mask dirt. After 9 months there are a few traffic patterns beginning to appear, but should disappear when we give it some elbow grease. Otherwise, love, love, love them.

  11. Hey, I saw a picture of your bathroom at PennyTile.com – they indicate that the tile is porcelain “mint” color, but it looks like you used glass? I am wondering if PennyTile is a reputable company, and if they used your photo with permission!

    • Hi Kirstin, thx for the heads up. I’ll need to look up the exact color name of the Ann Sacks penny tile color. And no, Pennytile.com did not use the pic with permission, but looks like they at least linked back.

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  15. I love LOVE this bathroom!!

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